scam, crime and botany / arnaque, crime et botanique

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The assimilation of the assets and nutrients occurs by sublingual system related cellar and is not « reduced » the « barrier » and stomach liver.
These « barriers » let « Pass » a certain percentage of assets and nutrients contained in tablets, capsules, drinkable and oral administered solutions.
Assimilation by this administration mode is variable and particularly related to the internal fl ora and liver condition of each individual.
The choice of a dosage in pellet arabic gum is best administered by  sublingual for perfect bioavailability and safe and pollution such as the liver.
The sublingual administration has been recently adopted and
is as effi cient as subcutaneously.
Thus, some substances can be administrated sublingually. 
This route (towards lingual and internal maxillary veins, then the external jugular vein and the superior caval vein) allows to
reach blood levels earlier and higher by the systemic administration of active principles.
• Sugar free arabic gum
• Titrated, selected and documented actives
• Fair trade with the FGP certi ed Warana resulting from the homeland
of the Amazon Sateré Mawé tribes
• Affordable price for consumers
• Sublingual administration for full total biodisponibility
• Guaranteed without any preservatives, GMO, gluten, aspartame or coloring
• Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians
• BOX without phthalates and bisphenol A

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