X-ray studies of the joint movements

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Dr Russell J. Reynolds (1880-1964) was a pioneer in the field of cineradiography. Throughout the 1900s his career spanned the development of radiography both as a therapeutic and a diagnostic tool. Examples of his earliest experimental work in cineradiograhy in 1921 are held by the BFI National Film and Television Archive, London. This example was given to the BMA by the Physiological Society, which was then acquired by Wellcome LIbrary in 2005.

This film illustrates the scope and value of this form of x-ray examination, especially in case records. The film comprises of a series of x-ray sequences showing movement of the fingers and thumbs, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet. By capturing the images in this way, it is noted that the patient and the radiographer do not have prolonged exposure to radiation and a diagnosis can be made later.

The film becomes part of the patient's record. The first sequence is the finger flexing, then abduction and adduction. The movement of the thumb is shown. There are several sequences where the wrist is in rotation and then in movement, followed by the movement of the elbow. The movement of the shoulder is seen; firstly several sequences showing the rotation of the arm and other movements such as shrugging. The knee is seen, followed by the ankle. Then the tarsal joints. Stepping motion is shown. The effect of body weight on the arch of the foot is illustrated. Toes are shown. Finally the arching of the cervical spine is shown.

Source: Wellcome Trust 2010

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