Dr. No Rubber Plug

comes in blister pack black

14,95 €

Lohmann & Rauscher Varicex S

Bandages of various weaves impregnated with zinc paste, ready to use, time-saving application of semi-rigid, long duration bandaging for thrombophlebitis, oedemas, chronic venous insufficiency, lower

from 11,84 €

BBraun Askina Elast

Non-sterile bandage for the fixation of wound-dressings and splints, as well as for light compression bandages. 130 % length-elastic autoclavable very good wearing comfort through high content of natu

from 7,72 €

Hecht-Assistent Parafilm M

"PARAFILM M can be stretched up to 200% and conforms even to irregular shapes and surfaces. The sealing film is free of softening agents and consists mainly of polyolefins and paraffin waxes. for secu

30,88 €

Nihon Kohden DT 100 Electrode Suction Apparatus

specially-formed silicon suction cups 4-stage vacuum regulation adjustable swivel joint suction tube 100 cm extremity cable 130 cm includes table mount

2.225,30 €

MST Replacement saw blades

These saw blades were developed for safely cutting through casts made of plaster of paris or synthetic material. extra hard for plaster of paris or synthetics choose from two sizes of saw blades

from 18,98 €

Prämeta Tourniquet Replacement Strap for the Green One

One-handed tightening, release, and removal of the tourniquet, easy application and removal for infusions easy handling through proven technology skin-friendly, durable cotton fabric, latex-free high-

from 12,50 €

Ambu Silicone Face-Masks

Respiration bags with transparent dome and self-filling, anatomical mask-edge. The mask-edge is made of blue silicone and therefore latex-free and autoclavable to 134 °C. for adults, children and infa

from 42,84 €

Fripa Wall Bracket for Hygiene Bag

Practical wire frame with coating for hygiene bag.

6,07 €

Leitz Office Holepunch

for hole-formats A4, A5, A6, folio, US quart and ring-binder dimensions: 80 x 80 x 80 mm

8,27 €

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