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ms Praxistextilien Neck-Roll Covers

terry-stretch 75 % cotton, 25 % polyester 60 °C machine-washable colors, 90 °C white size 40, 50, 65 cm Ø 13 -15 cm color-fast, wrinkle-free, and suited for drying evtl. color-deviations can be due to

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Trusetal Stereo Vision Test House Fly

With the "Fly" Stereotest ("House Fly" titmus test) you have a simple way of testing stereoscopic vision in every age group. Everybody, including small children, grasps what a fly is. for qualitative

273,58 €

GOOD-LITE House Fly LEA Stereo Test

By spatial vision we mean the three-dimensional perception of space. "The House Fly" Stereotest ( "Titmus-Test") is a simple way of testing stereoscopic perception in all age groups. Everybody, includ

273,58 €

nal von minden Nadal COVID-19 rapid antigen test

The Nadal COVID-19 rapid antigen test from nal von minden is suitable for the qualitative detection of an acute coronavirus infection. The rapid coronavirus test uses a human nasopharyngeal or orophar

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Roche SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test

The Roche SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test is an immunographic in-vitro test for the qualitative detection of a COVID-19 infection. This enables patients with an acute SARS-CoV-2 infection to be identifi

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Tekno-Medical Nail-scissors

Nail-scissors of stainless steel with threaded axle, which can be tightened as needed.

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HARTMANN protect perfect Mask

High-grade OR mask by Hartmann for reliably protecting patients against respiratory droplets from OR personnel. For single use in any part of an OR, but also in intensive-care units and infectious dis

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BBraun Melsept SF

comprehensive effectiveness range: bactericidal, fungicidal, limited virucidal (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV and Polioviruses) for the disinfection and cleaning of medical products aldehyde-containing surface

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HARTMANN Disposable Surgical Gown Foliodress gown Protect

In order to be able to offer surgery patients the highest possible level of safety and protection against infections, proper surgical attire does play an important role. These disposable surgical gown

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