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The Opinionated Radiologist

Dr. Saurabh Jha is a radiologist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who believes in the pedagogic value of arguing and doesn't hide his opinion. Read his blog to learn more and follow him on Twitter @Rogue
05/07/2017, Saurabh Jha

Nisha Mehta, MD

Musings about life in medicine and work life balance. The good, the bad, and the need to keep it all in perspective.
19/10/2016, Nisha Mehta

Diététique et nutrition sportive

Un groupe dans lequel discuter de la diététique, et en particulier de la nutrition sportive
23/07/2019, Paul Blanc

Finding the best medical care

Knowing how to get the best medical care is a world-wide concern. If your medical care is provided by the government, private insurance, or is fee for service, it is important to be able to know you a
29/07/2016, M.D. Charlotte Thompson

Pediatric Stories from Ukraine

I have created this blog to show interesting cases and studies what I meet in my routine everyday work. Here, in Ukraine, we have no modern technical support, but I think any specialist finds somethin
12/04/2014, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

MD/PhD To Be

An American MD/PhD student's perspective on science, medicine, and the world.
26/02/2014, Hanna Erickson

Living Healthy

A range of articles on health issues, dental care, the body and more.
28/07/2017, Emma Kalman

Kumba Sennaar

17/11/2015, Kumba Sennaar

A Penned Point

I practice anesthesiology for high-risk adults in Los Angeles. As an English major with a background in journalism, I take a keen interest in the intersection of politics and medicine. Folly and illog
07/09/2015, Associate Professor Karen Sibert


In spine and musculoskeletal cases, pain management serves with a variety of purposes. These are generally distinguished from surgical treatments. With pain management Henderson, you can identify the
13/01/2017, Interventional Pain center

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