Caesarean section at full term for contracted pelvis (USA, 1930)

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Colon use of the CAR™ 27 Compression Anastomoses Ring in a laparoscopic colon surgery.  Video courtesy of Prof. André Jan Louis D'Hoore Clinical Head of the Department of Abdominal Surgery University Clinics Gasthuisberg, Belgium

This film depicts a standard caesarean section operation, with intertitles explaining the various stages. The origins of the term 'Caesarean section' are explained by the intertitles.

The case study patient is introduced, with her pre-anaesthetic treatment described. The operating table, with the patient ready for surgery is shown. The incision is made, and the tissues cut down to the peritoneum, which is then opened by scissors. The uterus is incised, whilst avoiding wounding the lower expansile vascular zone. The surgeon reaches into the wound and pulls the baby out feet first, and the umbilical cord is cut.

The placenta and membranes are carefully extracted, and intertitles explain that in this case they are very adherent. An assistant steadies the uterus and compresses the uterine arteries. The patient has been given 1/2cc Pituitrin. The uterus is stitched up with interrupted catgut sutures. The anterior fossa of the peritoneum and the Pouch of Douglas are cleaned of blood clots. The ovaries and fallopian tubes are examined, and the patient is deemed healthy.

The intertitles explain that although the patient is not sterilised, if pregnant again she is advised to see the doctor early, for induction of labour. An intertitle stresses the importance of not leaving a swab in the patient's abdomen. The peritoneum is sewn up by continuous long catgut sutures from right to left. The abdomen is closed with three silkworm gut sutures retracting the skin wound, and the skin is closed by Michels clips. Finally, the patient is dressed and the baby is seen crying. An intertitle states that the entire operation took seventeen minutes.


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