The connection between the heart, the stomach and the vagus nerve

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In this video, I speak with a gastroenterologist, Dr Simon Smale who is also CEO of more than Just Medicine about how the stomach and the heart are related and how stomach issues can mimic or cause heart issues such as palpitations and chest pain.

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My dr said my stomach was not emptying...he prescribed a medicine with horribly scary possible side effects so I didnt take it. So I'm concerned about the vagus nerve connection. I am having racing heart with bloated are the first ones to make the connection. I knew they were connected but my dr just didnt understand it. Thank you thank you thank you
#4 at 15.07.2020 from Teresa (Guest)
What does the vagus nerve have to do with the stomach not emptying? I definitely have the heart rhythm/bloating issue.
#3 at 15.07.2020 from Guest
Can I come and see you or get help from you please my cardiologist that I have describe A9PA sees, and my gastroenterologist for Di reticulatus that I have neither one believes as a connection but every single time I eat even a small portion I get totally bloated it pushes up on my diaphragm stimulates my Vegas nerve and I get heart palpitations for hours until everything slowly gets digested. I will pay whatever it takes to get help please Lisa ashton 401 500 1908
#2 at 05.05.2020 from Guest
Great video. .. Very informative. You could teach the MDs in the US a few things.
#1 at 29.03.2018 from Guest
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