Snus: As bad as cigarettes? - long version

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Hebamme Birgit B.
Mein Kommentar war in Englisch, leider ist die Übersetzung (wie fast immer!) gruselig! Aber wenigstens doch verständlich...Also lass' ich das mal so stehen!
#2 at 14.09.2017 from Hebamme Birgit B. (Guest)
Hebamme Birgit B.
A very good Information! There we can see, how mighty and bad the Industries (in this special point the Tabacco-Industry) are, to search and find new consumers to make more money, because of the lower smokers now, international! That's typical, as we know this from the capitalism! The are going over humans Body and Life, from Life to DEATH....doesn't matter, only waiting for more money! Same same since 100 years or more!
#1 at 14.09.2017 from Hebamme Birgit B. (Guest)
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