Sectio chirurgica 2017: The official trailer

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Season 11 of Sectio chirurgica gives you 4 new exciting episodes:

Tune in for each episode at 6 p.m. (CET). You can watch the live event here: Live surgeries on DocCheck

June 1st: Breast Cancer - Oncoplastic Surgery and Prophylactic Mastectomy Prof. Dr. Hahn, Tubingen

June 22nd: Thyroid Surgery Dr. Müller, Tubingen Prof. Dr. Königsrainer, Tubingen

July 13th: Vestibular Schwannoma  - Neurosurgical Tumor Resection Prof. Dr. Tatagiba, Tubingen

July 27th: Anatomic Prosection Prof. Dr. Baumgart-Vogt, Giessen PD Dr. Löffler, Leipzig Prof. Dr. Pretterklieber, Vienna Prof. Dr. Winkelmann, Neuruppin


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