Endoscopy of Duodenal Angiodysplasia 2

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Angiodysplasia or arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is
 the most common vascular anomaly of the GI tract.
 Composed of an ectatic, dilated submucosal vein (usually
 multiple occurrences), colonic angiodysplasia is responsible
 for 20 to 30 per cent of cases of acute lower GI bleeding.
 Occurrence is highest in persons over the age of 60, with
 two thirds occurring in persons over 70.

 Angiodysplasia is idiopathic; however, there does appear
 to be an increased incidence inpatients with renal disease
 and those with valvular heart disease. With increasing use
 of anti-platelet agents and anticoagulants, a previously
 innocuous vascular lesion may develop clinically significant
 bleeding. In addition, the development of capsule
 endoscopy and double balloon enteroscopy, has resulted
 in increased identification of bleeding lesions in the small

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