Flat Adenoma (2 of 3)

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High magnification with Cresyl violet.

Dye spray technique may result in a higher detection rate
of flat colonic lesions.
Clinical usefulness of high-resolution chromoendoscopy, i.e. colonoscopy with topically applied agents, in an attempt to discriminate neoplastic from non-neoplastic colorectal polyps. Using both specially designed videocolonoscopes that produce high-resolution images at great magnification and dye spray, a contrast stain which accentuates epithelial topography, thus allowing recognition of otherwise unnoticeable epithelial changes, it seems possible to distinguish adenomatous from nonadenomatous colorectal polyps measuring <10mm. The clinical utility of standard videocolonoscopy and staining with a dye especially in the diagnosis of very small colorectal polyps.

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