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Large ulcer with an elevated margin

Intestinal tuberculosis (TB) is rarely seen in western
countries, affecting mainly immigrants and immunocompromised patients. However, the incidence of
abdominal TB has been steadily increasing for the past 20
years and a reported 2–3% of patients with abdominal TB
have isolated colonic involvement. Intestinal TB is sually
a diagnostic challenge, particularly in the absence of active pulmonary infection. It may mimic many other abdominal diseases, such as other infectious processes, tumors, periappendiceal abscess, and Crohn's disease (CD).
Several cases of intestinal TB have so far been described
including a few reports of intestinal TB mimicking CD. The
differential diagnosis between TB and CD is important
because if TB is suspected, empiric treatment with
antituberculous drugs should be considered, especially if
an immunosuppresive treatment for CD is to be initiated.

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