OpenPCR - Interview mit Tito Jankowski

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Interview with Tito Jankowski, one of the founders of OpenPCR, at the Health 2.0 Congress in San Francisco.

What does OpenPCR mean and what is the scope of the OpenPCR-Project? Who will be able to handle the machine? How can you obtain such an OpenPCR-Kit?

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PCR is a relatively simple and inexpensive tool that you can use to focus in on a segment of DNA and copy it billions of times over. So, even with a small DNA sample, such as from spitting in a tube, or tearing off a piece of a leaf of lettuce, PCR allows to you make a bunch of copies of the DNA so you have enough to analyze. PCR is used every day to diagnose diseases, identify bacteria and viruses, match criminals to crime scenes, and in many other ways.

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