Varicose conditions (England 1934)

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First, using Elastoplast to treat injection punctures is described and demonstrated. Injection necrosis is also discussed. The treatment of small ulcers is described and demonstrated. Large ulcers of the leg are shown. Malleolar ulcers are treated with Elastoplast. Indurated ulcers are treated. Syphilitic ulcers are treated. Gangrenous ulcers are treated. The treatment of superficial phlebitis is addressed. Four methods of bandaging ulcers are given: viscoplaste bandages, ichthopaste bandages, reversed Elastoplast and crepe bandages. The uses of the four different types of bandages are described and demonstrated. Finally, it is shown how best to remove Elastoplast after use. The company T.J. Smith & Nephew Ltd. developed the product Elastoplast in 1928. They produced many films highlighting the product's uses in medicine. Produced by T.J. Smith & Nephew Ltd.

Source: British Medical Associaton; Wellcome Trust 2009



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