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DocCheck TV ist the medical video archive of DocCheck. It contains, among other things, recordings from operations, instruction videos and lectures.

Use DocCheck TV to upload your medical videos online, discuss with colleagues and presentate your spectrum of accomplishement. Titles, descriptive texts and tags can be added to each of your videos. Therefore, your videos win in quality and will be searchable to medical members, students and other DocCheck members. If your video should only be found from physicians, pharmacists and students, you can choose the visibility "medical members".

The best way getting to know DocCheck TV is by uploading videos and looking around on the website. If there are any questions left, do not hesitate to write us an eMail.


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You can upload recordings from operations, lectures or instruction- and informationvideos. In generell, every video with medical content fits into DocCheck TV.
The favored formats are .mov and .mp4. A video should have the maximum size of 1GB.

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Click the button "Upload video" in the top right corner to upload a video.

Please be aware, that your videos are technically flawless saved in the favored formats (.mp4 or .mov), so that they can be recognised from our system. If your video is uploaded, it has to be converted. This can take up to a few hours (depends on the length of the video).

With uploading videos on DocCheck TV, you assure, that you have all rights on the video, don`t infringe rights of third parties or offend the DocCheck terms of use.

Tip: Of course we can do the upload for you - just send us your content on DVD:
DocCheck Medical Services GmbH
Attn.: Team Community
Vogelsanger Str. 66
50823 Cologne

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Directly after choosing and uploading your video, an entry mask will appear where you can add the title and a descriptive text. Texts and other information (e.g. rights and language of the video) can also be added or changed afterwords. Just click "My videos" and choose the one you want to change. Click on "Edit" and do the wished modifications.

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If you wish to use a particular video, in detailed view click of the video on the black and white license badge that states the author's rights. You will be taken to an eMail form, with which you send a request to DocCheck and the author of the video. Please add the following information:

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You need the Adobe Flash Player or a HTML5-compatible browser (e.g. Firefox or Google Chrome) to watch the videos.
The latest version of the Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded here.

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If a video is uploaded, it has to be converted. Depending on the size, this can take a few hours. When the video is fully converted, it appears - you don`t have to do anything.

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This could be up to the missing of a Flash Player or HTML5-compatible browser.
The latest version of the Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded here.

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Yes, videos can be watched on smartphone or tablet.

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The publication of patient data and videos is a sensitive issue. The agreement of the patient is necessary, because the recognizability of the patients in videos cannot be banned clearly and because of the fact, that medical videos touch the privacy of the patient. Please make sure, that there are no faces of the patients in your videos and don`t publicate any names (no abbreviations either).

We suggest to explain your patients the use of their initial examination and their publication on DocCheck TV plus get the appropiate agreement.
Please archive the agreement of your patients permanent.

The DocCheck terms of use and privacy declaration are applicable.

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In the text field "description" you can add links as follows:
Mark the favored part and click on the symbol with the globe above; a small window opens, where you can set the link. After saving, the chosen text appears as clickable link.

Like this, you can link different series, case studies or documentations with each other or refer to continuative websites.

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