ORMED Filter Introduction - Optimal Light Source in Composit

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Dental operating microscopes are regularly used while handling visible light cured (VLC) dental materials. Because microscopes use bright light sources with a wide visible spectrum the working time of these materials is dramatically decreased. Thus dental operating microscopes are used with orange filters in this situation to prevent premature polymerization. The residual light passing these orange filters has a negative color rendering index (CRI). Working under this monochromatic orange light dramatically decreases the ability to differentiate the colors of the tooth and the used restorative materials. Furthermore, the orange light has an influence on the three-dimensional vision of the clinician.
To develop a special reflective filter array which prevents premature polymerization of all widely used VLC dental materials providing working light as white as possible and a positive CRI. Ideally there should be no difference in color perception between filtered and unfiltered light.

Quelle: www.dr-lang.org

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