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EFT Practitioner and Client Safety Tips - Blog

Nearly every payer is moving from sending checks to using electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payers are pressing physicians to accept EFT, while physicians have had lukewarm enthusiasm, to outright resi
23/02/2018, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

Cells in space – extraterrestrial approaches in cancer research - Blog

\n Here on Earth, all experiments are bound by gravitation. Yet, freed from gravity's grip, tumor cells, for example, behave in an entirely different way. As part of the "Thyroid Cancer Cells in Space
22/02/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

What should You Look for in a Perfect Family Dentist - Blog

It is a very tough task to find out the right dentist for your family. While you choosing your family dentist, you should check some major characteristics.\n A family dentist is the person whom the fa

How Long will I Need to Wear a Brace for Better Result - Blog

There is no definite time to wear a brace to achieve a perfect smile. It depends on the type of your treatment and the brace you choose.\n Naturally, we have a lot of questions before starting a tre

Cancer survivorship: 8 key updates from the 2018 ASCO/AAFP/ACP Cancer Survivorship Symposium - Blog

\n In my first year of oncology fellowship, our program director asked us a question: what percentage of people with cancer survived 5 years or more? At that time, in 2003, the answer was 60%. I was
20/02/2018, Jennifer Lycette

Anaesthesia: Uproar In Slumberland - News

Media reports of intraoperative alertness have aroused uncertainty in patients. These include for example: "Problems during full narcosis - patients became restless during surgery". Anaesthetists feel
20/02/2018, Michael van den Heuvel

ADHD Rarely Lives Alone - News

Adults with ADHD often have other conditions as well. For more than 80 percent of these patients another psychiatric condition is present. These comorbidities make it difficult to treat the patient pr
20/02/2018, Alexandra Grossmann

Public education funds - Blog

\n People pay taxes that fund public education because society in general needs some kids to be educated well enough to do well in life and get/perform jobs that benefit future society. Society doesn'
19/02/2018, mary dejong

Top 5 Radiology Apps For 2018 - Blog

\n Physicians utilize their tablets and smartphones for work at very high rates. As per Kluwer Health survey, 44% of the doctors use smartphones access clinical reference tools with patients communica
19/02/2018, Ray Parker

10 Online Resources for Med Students - Blog

The Internet can be a savior for a med student, as it offers access to all possible information and data. However, you can make use of the Internet only if you use it right. So if you’re a med student
19/02/2018, Nancy Spektor

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