Bloated stomach and heart palpitations

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This video is about Bloated stomach and heart palpitations. In this video, I speak with Dr Simon Smale, consultant gastroenterologist about how stomach issues can also affect the heart and how good lifestyle choices can improve gut health and therefore make heart palpitations better:-)

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Hello, I am Annette, I used to live and work in the NHS in the UK for many years, now back in Berlin . Great video and discussing the connection between the stomach and the heart, very unknown here. I feel bloated every time I eat something, being on a glutenfree and cows milk free diet for some years. I feel heart palpitations after a meal and in the evening when I go to bed and I can hardly fall a sleep. I eat a healthy diet, little carbs, don't eat much red meet, take supplements, had a colonoscopy in Jan.19 when Helicobacter diagnosed and successful eliminated with triple AB therapy. Have Hashimoto and a goiter. I now think about histamin intolerance !? I experienced irregular heart beats every now and then for a long time, nothing suspicious found in ECG. I would appreciate any advice, thank you, Annette :)
#2 at 30.08.2019 from Guest
Hi, I have the opposite problem. I got digestive issues from my palpitations. Ever heard of that?
#1 at 13.07.2018 from Guest
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