New diagnostics and drugs for the treatment of cancer

New diagnostics and drugs for the treatment of cancer

TRON - Translational Oncology at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, is a biopharmaceutical research organization that pursues new diagnostics and drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases of the ... [more]

From: Universitätsmedizin Mainz

DocCheck TV is your medical television online

DocCheck TV was created for the upload of medical videos by the DocCheck users. It also provides videos produced by DocCheck itself. Like this a medical video channel with more than 2,074 medical and educational videos was established in the internet.

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ZDoggMD - Medical Satire published a video

Doc Vader vs. Anti-Vaxxers by ZDoggMD

Doc Vader may be hiding his face but surely not his opinions. Hear what he’s thinking about anti-vaxxers. #VaccinateYourSpawn
MEDICA Tradefair published a video

Radiology - How an MRI machine makes its way into an office

These days, medical imaging is one of the key diagnostic methods. But how do large medical devices actually get to their final destination? took its camera along to observe the remodeling of a radiology imaging office. The ... [more]
York Cardiology published a video

Why is my BP all over the place?

In this video, I discuss the reason why people who suffer from high BP have very variable readings. I also discuss why sometimes people with high blood pressure are told that they are dizzy because they have low blood pressure.