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LabTutor Medical Laboratories

LabTutor Medical Laboratories

LabTutor Medical Laboratories have been developed to connect physiology theory with clinical practice for medical and healthcare students. Physiological data acquisition and analysis exercises are integrated with real patient case studies. These ... [more]

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DocCheck TV was created for the upload of medical videos by the DocCheck users. It also provides videos produced by DocCheck itself. Like this a medical video channel with more than 2,074 medical and educational videos was established in the internet.

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at 29.09.2015
PD Dr. Navid Mader published a video

Heart surgery on the fly

The video give you an overview about the colgne university heart center See all my videos on Youtube.
at 21.08.2015
Julio Murra-Saca published a video

Special Case on Reflux Esophagitis Sequence 22 of 32

A modified laparoscopic needle holder is observed.   Due to doubles between the over-tube and the injuries it  was necessary to replace the malleable instrument by the  needle holder which has better resistance to manipulate  the needle in the ... [more] passage to the gastric camera.
at 04.06.2014
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