Large Tubulo-Villous Adenoma (6 from 6)

Large Tubulo-Villous Adenoma (6 from 6)

Endoscopy Video of Polyps of the ColonColonoscopy is the primary screening test. All polypsidentified at colonoscopy are removed by colonoscopicpolypectomy. Endoscopic mucosal resection is required fordeeply penetrating noncancerous polyps. ... [more]

From: Julio Murra-Saca



Different ECG changes are presented in the form of a funny expressive dance ...

From: Georg Graf von Westphalen

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Point-of-care testing in the hospital – quality diagnostic results

Point-of-care testing is an integral part of medicine. It enables simple, automated testing that yields fast results. Hospitals have also started to increasingly use POCT diagnostic systems over the past few years. We are guests at the Greifswald ... [more]
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POTS and Dysautonomia: Sleeping with the enemy

In this video, Dr Sanjay Gupta shares some unique insight into the mechanism by which POTS patients develop extreme fatigue.
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Understanding dysautonomia and POTS

In this video, Dr Sanjay Gupta talks about dysautonomia and POTS.