Here you can see the FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonographie for Trauma) examination

From: Florian Recker



Different ECG changes are presented in the form of a funny expressive dance ...

From: Georg Graf von Westphalen

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Achilles Reflex

Eliciting the Achilles S1 reflex in kneeling. Particularly useful when a patient is reluctant to lie supine.
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Ambulances of the future – a safe and ergonomic workplace

Today's ambulance features far more technology than meets the eye. But not everything is aimed at treating patients. Ambulance manufacturers must also ensure that their vehicles make a great workplace for the crews on board and can adapt to the ... [more]
MEDICA Tradefair published a video

Biomechanical measuring systems – motion and posture analysis in orthopedics

Biomechanical measuring systems are used in orthopedics to diagnose and treat misalignments and diseases. The Velamed Company uses its high-tech solutions to measure biomechanical parameters that enable a holistic analysis of human movement and ... [more]